#100daysofhappy Day 12: duck dynasty is the most happy show ever! Especially when my dad is watching it with me.

#100daysofhappy day 12: songs that take you back!

#100daysofhappy Day 11: the little things that show you care. The things that just make you know for sure :)

#tbt #throwbackthursday yeah I use to ride! Hahahahah


#100daysofhappy Day 10: pretty flowers make me happy.

“Loving you is toxic. My mind is constantly flooded with thoughts of you. You corrupt me with your words but sooth me with your voice. Your scent hastens the beat of my heart, and my body aches for your touch. You make me want to be bad, but you make me feel so good. Spending time with you is intoxicating, and I long for you when we’re apart. You keep me grounded and still manage to sweep me off my feet. You course through my veins and explode in every inch of my body. Loving you is toxic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
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